My friend Rajesh is a genius!

So, i have this friend .His name’s Rajesh (such a good name, i know.I’m gonna name my son Rajesh :3 ). He’s a complete nerd,LOVES disney movies and TV shows and he even plays pokemon with me.

Like i said in my previous blog , i’m running a fresh install of manjaro linux GNOME. This morning i was setting up softwares on my system and i left the pc for a while for it to download. When i came back to my laptop, the screen was blank. I just thought it’d went to sleep.I tried to wake it up by moving the mouse and tapping the touchpad.Nothing worked.Pressing the power button didn’t seem to do anything. The computer was still on,just doing nothing.So, i planned to drain the battery out by charging my phone so that it’ll eventually turn off. I was too lazy to remove the battery, because then I’d have to remove the keyboard and stuff.It’d be a time consuming task to say the least.

So, i did that, started my computer again and kept working.Later today,I’d left my PC again for a while and i was gonna play pokemon with Rajesh on When i came back, same thing! I told Rajesh that i can’t play cuz my lap is frozen (disney reference #1).He told me to press and hold the power button for 5 or 10 seconds…..i heard a beep noise and voila! My PC turned off.It probably seems like nothing to people who’re used to laptops but i really just wanted to write about this to annoy Rajesh :P. Eff you Rajesh





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